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Ginseng in traditional medicine of China

Ginseng is a Chinese herb that can be called in truth precious. Since ancient times it was used in folk medicine of China. He can take literally from all diseases — the procedure is described in this article.

In traditional Chinese medicine often use preparations from the root of ginseng. These drugs have a tonic effect. Ginseng is used to treat the heart, anemia, diseases of the liver and kidneys, fatigue, insomnia, sexual impotence and diabetes mellitus. Traditional Chinese medicine explains the high effectiveness of ginseng in that it has a tonic effect on the whole human body. In most countries of the East the roots of ginseng is credited with the ability to prolong life and youth, it is used not only ill but also healthy people, since fifty years of age.

Drug action has a ginseng root. It contains substances such as polyacetylenes, alkaloids, starch, resin, vitamin C, sulfur, phosphorus, saponins, and others.

Recent studies have shown that in the surface part contains not less useful substances. Therefore not only used ginseng roots but also the leaves, fruits and stems, and also seeds and flowers.

An infusion of the leaves of the ginseng has the same effects as the root of this plant. They can be used for the treatment of diabetes, Nekrasova ulcers, malnutrition, chronic fatigue and other diseases.

Tincture of ginseng in China, also used for prevention of most infectious diseases in children instead of vaccines for vaccinations.

Side effects of ginseng root is almost there.

Harvesting ginseng is desirable to produce in the autumn-winter period. In spring and summer tonic and stimulating effect of ginseng is significantly reduced. Also for medical purposes it is desirable to use ginseng roots older than five years.

Use of ginseng in folk medicine:

For the prevention and treatment of influenza you will need to grind the ginseng root, so that eventually turned out to be 1.5 tablespoons of root. Then put this amount of ginseng in one liter of vodka and leave for 4 weeks. The infusion must be constantly stirred. After the infusion is ready strain it. To take the tincture should be, precisely observing the dosage. For the prevention of flu — 20 drops before meals twice a day. If you carry the flu — mix together the crushed ginseng root with honey(1:10). To use this tool you need one teaspoon before meals in the morning, afternoon and evening. Ginseng with honey also helps in senile weakness and atherosclerosis.

When fatigue, exhaustion, and apathy is very good tincture of ginseng. Grind the ginseng root and cover with vodka(1:10). Infuse the ginseng takes three weeks, then be sure to strain the tincture. To take ginseng before meals 15 drops three times a day. The effect starts after week!

Corns, skin infections, muscle pain, arthritis

In order to get rid of these ailments, you have to make ginseng pasta. You will need two tablespoons of ginseng roots and three spoons of hot water. After you mix, allow to stand for three hours. After that, the mixture should be heated in a water bath(60g), stirring constantly. The prepared paste is applied on the affected areas for 15 minutes, then carefully wash off.

Metabolism and anemia

In this situation, very good help ginseng extract. You will need 100 grams ginseng roots, passed through a meat grinder and 900 grams of heated honey. Mix these substances and put on 4 weeks in a dark place, while carefully stirring. To use the extract need approximately two months, half a teaspoon before Breakfast.


Pour two tablespoons of ginseng in one Cup cold water and boil the decoction for five minutes. Strain and drink warm.

So I recommend to perusal article about natural stimulants. which is ginseng.

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