Women at all times tried and are trying to become more beautiful so they use variety of methods. Let's talk about the recipes that are proven and time - about…

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Annatto (Lipstick tree) oil
Synonyms . Bix, galuga(Arab.), chiote, rocouyer(FR.), Bixa katangensis Delpierre, L., Orellana americana Kuntze, Orellana, annato or achiote(North.Amer.), changuarica, K u-zub, and pumacua (Mexico), annato or urucu (Brazil), urucum/l (de.), roucou…

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Traditional medicine and its capabilities
The main provisions of the alternative medicine coming from China and other countries, where experts have long been engaged in the development of its own technology and characteristics of treatment.…

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Folk remedies against of osteoarthritis: a Mixture Petrova in osteochondrosis

A special group of chronic esophagitis is the so-called peptic esophagitis, or. Actovegin osteochondrosis how to apply How to treat osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. The video for the prevention of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

After injury left hand, I began to appear pain in the joint, which occurred when. The healing properties of trees trees are healers Bioenergy trees ; Trees donor ; Oak ; Energy ; Pharmaceutical raw materials ; Pine.

Drink it when you recover after a heart attack, stroke: brew 1 tbsp of the mixture Petrova in osteochondrosis. Write about results, being not less than 1 time in 2-3 weeks. First you need to touch his forehead, then hugging hands at head level, then lean the entire body. 6-10 hours later completely disappeared strong joint pain, exacerbation of osteochondrosis, pain in the intestines and stomach. Medicines are sometimes injected a mixture Petrova in osteochondrosis directly into the cavity of the affected joint. If numerous metastases in the liver which is better to use the juice or the infusion of celandine. And what course of treatment should be. I think the juice of celandine is more efficient, look at the first comment, there’s a recipe. Every year on Pentecost they were anointed with consecrated oil or even drilled the barrel and poured oil into it . Daily add 1 drop of each technique. In two days you can apply by adding 50,0 ml of solution in nestoita. It turns out the ointment that should be applied in place of the damaged joints. Continue reading

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is one of the most popular and safest methods of treatment to date. The advantage of physiotherapy is the lack of side reactions that may occur with drug treatment. Physiotherapy does not cause allergies and has no toxic effects on different organs and tissues. It is achieving the best effect in the treatment of any disease with the least burden on the body.

The physiotherapy Department works with the founding of the city clinical hospital No. 61. In 2012 was a major overhaul of the Department. In the framework of the program of modernization of the Moscow health physiotherapy Department is equipped with modern equipment of world level.

Physiotherapy is the best addition to the treatment prescribed by the attending physician. An integrated approach increases efficiency and reduces time of treatment, prevention of complications and prevention of recurrence of the disease.

Physiotherapy is prescribed in the complex with massage, acupuncture and physical therapy.

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In recent years, both among patients and among physicians, the traction appears to use medicinal herbs for therapeutic purposes. The problem of their application is that miraculous examples of effective action of herbs is passed from person to person, and it motivates people to incompetent persons for whom the main thing is not treatment, and business. Uncontrolled and ignorant attempts to heal, using herbs that often cause the body irreparable harm.

Today in the Crimea is unique blessed herbs included in medicinal fees, grow some farmers and agricultural enterprises, which for dozens of years specialized in medicinal plants. Among these reliable manufacturers is the company that produces teas under the brand name “Grass mountain Crimea”.

The use of Crimean herbs are the most diverse. One after another of the resorts of the Peninsula administered pleasant and fashionable service bath, which includes Crimean medicinal herbs fees, or they are used to make aromatic oil. Fito bars will offer you a choice of amazing cocktails, preserving healthy stomach and slender figure. A very useful thing – tea for cold where added herbal plants or teas consisting solely of travs lime, the mother-and-stepmother and rose hips. This “souvenir” will be very useful in the winter. Continue reading

The use of common herbs.
The vegetation of our diverse country — from North to South.The main reason for all this diversity — differences in the temperature of other areas. On the rugged North you…


Genius of folk medicine: healers or charlatans?
They say our ancestors were much healthier and stronger than us. And no wonder, we have to live in less comfortable for our health climatic situation. Before was much better…