LARGE NASTURTIUM, nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus), the family nasturtii, or Kaputsinov (Tropaeolaceae)
Distribution This is a wonderful ornamental plant is known by many. It is such a commonplace experience that does not occur even thought about his alien origins. Throughout Europe and…

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Herbal treatment
Herbal medicine has a long history. In the natural fitoapteka since ancient times have provided the answers to the very many ailments. Despite the fact that modern people are too…

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Why as we age we should abandon the overly salty food?
The aging process is associated with a number of changes, which cause the body to function less efficiently, including to maintain water-alkaline balance. Studies have shown that as we age,…

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Shamans have unearthed the cause of the sufferings of Ukraine and Russia

According to the representative of the Supreme shaman of Tuva Andrei Dondukov, the misfortunes of Ukraine and Russia are due to the lack of harmony between the worlds: “the Lower world, i.e. the world of the dead can invade the world of people and negatively to influence it”.

One example is the story of the Princess of Altai, which lies in the Museum of Barnaul and burial which shamans require Russia for several years. “When there is harmony between the worlds, the fate of the people is improving. The lower world always carries danger. The body should be consigned to fire, earth, water or air, all these actions are aimed at neutralizing the lower world. The same as clothes in which the person died is a huge danger,” said Dondukov.

Negative impact on Russia, or Novorossia, may have and the recent desecration of the grave of Bandera in Munich – according to one version, the desecration of the graves was made by the supporters of the breakaway Ukrainian republics.

“For us, the lower world is the world of destruction – continued the shaman. – Radiation of the lower world to the world of the living have a detrimental impact. Shamans specialize in to protect the world of the living from the dead, and take this opposition of energies. The invasion in the grave activates the power of the lower world.”

The cemetery anyway, and this is the gate to the lower world. Whoever commits the act of desecration of the graves, will definitely get negative vozdeistviyu forces of the lower world, because that intrudes on their territory. Violates the reverence between the worlds. However, abuse of the dead around the world so much that shamans do not save all the time. Recently, for example, was desecrated the memorial to Soviet soldiers in Sofia. So Bulgaria will continue to suffer in poverty.

Ukraine is now exposed sacral impacts due to the demolition of the monuments. “There are things that are tangible repository of a great energy charge. The more people who take seriously the ideas of communism and Lenin, the stronger the charge, the stronger will be the energy kick for those who commit desecration or destruction of the object,” explained Dondukov.

Those who destroy the “object of power” waiting for war, misery, poverty, disease and even death. The destroyers of monuments incur the negative energy of previous generations, for whom Lenin was a cult figure. And curse the living. “Not everyone approves of desecration of monuments, – said the shaman. – In some people it causes negative emotions. They begin to curse those who commit such actions”.

The whole life of the peoples, according to Dondukov, this opposition of energies. If the protests take the form of destruction of any of the characters, it invokes a very strong reaction at the level of the subtle world: “You’re dead when it can no longer be influenced. The monuments are symbols, the total energies of living people”.

Brands, like monuments, said the shaman, are powerful sacred symbols. For example, McDonald’s or Coca-Cola: “They are iconic to many people. The closing of McDonald’s has caused part of the population sharply negative emotions, which, in turn, have a powerful destructive flow towards those who are different on the front line”.

In short, the war is not just on groupmaterials perception, but also at the level of subtle matter. “There is still a hell of a world that gets the soul of man for violence against living beings. From the standpoint of Buddhism, as also from many other religions, some follow to hell, others to heaven. Definitely for the black karma will be the impact. Saturn is retribution in life. The deity Yama – retribution after death,” said Dondukov.

For the destruction of the faith of others punishment in life we should be sure, whether this object even Lenin, though “McDonald’s” on Pushkin: “the basis of ethics be treated with respect for other people’s faith. It’s just a security level of the subtle world. Causing negative reactions, the person or authority is causing, what is called the fire itself. Hurting others and then “receives” it. Because for any suffering caused by other beings, each will answer”.

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