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Closely and frequently contacting with the animals, we mostly tend to see in their behavior the signs of human behavior, and most often attributed to them (this is called anthropomorphism).…

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Medicine of ancient Egypt
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Medicinal plants and their healing properties

Many not by hearsay known for the healing properties of herbs, fruits and berries. Who among us has not gargle with chamomile for colds and brewed a fragrant floral teas? Medicinal plants and herbs help with the common cold and serious chronic diseases. Today in pharmacies can find a good herbal tea, however, knowing the properties of herbs and essential recipes you can prepare taxes on your own. Besides medicines made from medicinal herbs, if cooked correctly, do not cause side effects, including allergic reactions. One of the most complete handbooks of medicinal plants are described in detail more than 600 medicinal herbs. From this number it is easy to choose exactly those components that suit you.

The value of medicinal plants and herbs that they contain many trace elements, enzymes, vitamins and other biochemical substances needed by the cell. However, in the processing plants part of biochemical substances is destroyed, but sometimes there are other, not less valuable. For many centuries, folk medicine has found the most optimum terms of production, processing and storage of medicinal raw materials.

If you want to prepare medicinal plants . if the fact that they grow in an ecologically clean area. Well, when you collect the plants. After all, equally important is the fact of being in nature, breathing fresh air and nutrients that fills the aroma of herbs.

Despite the fact that fees, infusions and decoctions of herbs are very effective do not forget that the use of any drugs, even created from natural vegetable raw materials, has its contraindications and can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, all articles on medicinal plants includes information on what features of each plant and when applied. Recipes herbal which are listed on the website azbukagreen used in medical practice, known to and recommended by herbalists, and are also common in the practice of traditional healers.

Remember that correct diagnosis and determine the severity of the disease by a doctor.

On the website you will find a description of many medicinal plants, medicinal herbs, medicinal herbal remedies, useful recipes from fruits and berries.

The preparation of gathering of medicinal plants

(According to well-known herbalists and doctors, herbalists)

It’s no secret that many people underestimate the effectiveness of charges of medicinal plants. Actually it is quite an efficient tool against various diseases, and often serious help official medicine. Quite often along with pills and potions we prescribe herbal teas prepared in the form of decoctions or infusions.

It is very important in the preparation of the collection of medicinal plants to strictly follow the recipe. Because the active substances contained in plants must be combined with each other, and most importantly to contain in certain proportions. In folk herbal medicine mainly used in infusions, tinctures and decoctions. Infusions do, as a rule, from the soft parts of medicinal plants (leaf, flowers, etc.). Broths – solid (bark, root, etc.). Drug charges store in a dry, cool and dark place.

To prepare the therapeutic infusion, medicinal raw materials and water are placed in a closed enameled ware and put in a water bath for 15-20 min, cool, well-filtered, raw press and add boiled water to initial volume. The broth is made the same way but incubated in a water bath for 30 min, and cooled for about 10-15 min.

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