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Physical therapy and rehabilitation
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Physiotherapy in the treatment of drug addicts and alcohol addicts

Currently physiotherapy is among the most gentle and safe way of deliverance from drug addiction and a drinking problem. The most effective becomes the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism, in which medicines are used in combination with various kinds of physiotherapy procedures.

In the complex are used as treatments that have been tested for many centuries ago, and relatively recently created, innovative. One of the most significant benefits of physiotherapy is that its use is without side effects.

The main aim of physiotherapy is to achieve the highest degree of efficiency in the treatment process, while providing as less stress on the weakened body of the patient, applying mainly the methods of treatment based on physical impact.

In narcological clinic of “drug abuse” in the treatment of drug and alcohol use such physiotherapy techniques:

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage for many years has not lost its popularity and relevance and is included in the complex rehabilitation procedures in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism.

With proper massage the outflow of fluid from the tissues, accelerates the bloodstream, proshooters useful active elements in the blood, strengthen the protective functions of the organism. Very often already after the first session there was a clear improvement of the General physical condition of the patient. But in order that the desired effect has been achieved with maximum power, you must pass is assigned in a specific pattern the course of treatment to the patient has helped our own protective forces to begin to cope with their functions.

Bath complex

Important to the maintenance and strengthening of health has a bath. Even many centuries ago, bath was not only for the fulfillment of hygienic procedures, but also for health purposes.

The most important effect which is achieved by carrying out the bath treatment, manifested in the cleansing of the body from various harmful substances accumulated in it, the improvement of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In addition to these extremely useful for the organism the therapeutic properties of the baths comes a sense of deep relaxation, renewal, stabilizes emotional background of the patient, improves mood, a person feels a charge of vivacity and energy, in the body there is ease. All of these vivid sensations experienced by the patient as a result of the bath procedures, greatly exceeds in its power that is experiencing the patient under the influence of different kinds of tranquilizers or psychotropic drugs.

Herbal medicine

Another popular, long and successfully used method of physiotherapy is phytotherapy, method of treatment instead of chemical medicines are beneficial for human body plants. In the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism, medicinal plants selected mainly to stimulate or strengthen normal body functions and thus help the body to heal itself.


Practical kinesiotherapy is founded on the belief that the human body is a unified system where all components are inextricably linked with each other. On this basis, the authors of the theory have concluded that any illness or stress affecting the whole body, and the human body also responds to its irritating factors, including all inherent in the regulatory and compensatory possibilities. Scientists – discoverers of this method, found ways through the muscles of the body to impact fully on the entire body.

Today physical therapy allows the use of both traditional and innovative techniques in the treatment of drug addicts and alcoholics.

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